FCSC Board Members

The FCSC Board of Directors collaborate voluntarily to support individual programs in the greater Ferndale area. By sharing ideas, they strive to ensure the viability of each community project and lend a helping hand when needed.

Current Board Members

President:  Sara O’Connor- Director of Mission Performance, Seattle Goodwill

Secretary: Heather Hinds- Holiday Giving Store Program Coordinator

Treasurer: Terri Temple- Resource Center Coordinator and Retired Project Manager

Julia Besola –  Associate Principal, Ferndale High School

Kate Bishop –  Ferndale City Council member, social worker

Stacie Owen – Independent Living Specialist

Leela Nelson Hollcroft- Realtor

JOIN OUR BOARD: We welcome anyone who cares about our community and wants to make a difference to enhance our mission. Click the links to read the position description and download the application. Or Contact Us for more information

FCSC Sponsored Programs & Coordinators:

Holiday Giving Store- Heather Hinds

Volunteer Mobilization Center – Terri Temple

Community Resource Center- Terri Temple

Family Meals Program- Kelsi Pulve

The Other Bank- Louisa Underwood

Friendship Community Garden- Gloria Perez

Family Community Funds- Alicia Roberts